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Comb Binding

Document is bound together with a plastic comb.

Why Plastic Comb Binding?

There is a strong customer base for comb binding machines even though there are other newer methods out there. For instance, we have several training institutions, schools and others in the education market that love the versatility and relative low-cost of comb binding machines and materials. A plastic comb binding spine is easy to remove from a punched document. You would do this if you needed to remove or add a page or two to an already bound document.

If you take your participant manual home, and you wanted to add your notes to it, you can easily remove the comb. Several of our customers also prefer using a comb binding machine over other binding methods simply because of the ease of use, low costs for supplies, and you can actually bind up to several hundred sheets at a time.

It’s a standard, well-known finish that’s perfect for presentations, sales and marketing material, brochures, menus and more. Popular with architects, scientists, sales and marketing professionals and manufacturers.Plastic binding is the most popular solution for many reasons.